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Take a journey back in time by visiting an old English colony in the Bahamas. Pink sand beaches, tropical waters and more make for a great visit.

Harbour Island, The Bahamas

Harbour Island is an island and administrative district in the Bahamas and is located off the northeast coast of Eleuthera Island. It has a population of 1,762 approximatley.

The only town on the island is Dunmore Town.. Famous for its pink sand beaches, which are found all along the east side of the island. The pink color comes from foraminifera, a microscopic organism that actually has a reddish-pink shell and makes it a wonderful site to see.

Harbour Island is a popular vacation destination for Americans. Known as Briland to the locals, Harbour Island is colourful with English Colonial-style buildings and flower lined streets. Harbour Island is part of the Out Islands of the Bahamas.

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Harbour Island, in the Bahamas provides for a perfect island adventure escape for you or your loved ones.

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