Noble Air Charter


Growing Locations

Noble Air Charter has its headquarters in Miami, FL and has a location in Norwood, MA. just outside of Boston. Click and view the airport location below for local information.

Turbo Prop


Our fleet is meticulously maintained up to highest standards with in-house maintenance experts.


We invest heavily in the latest equipment and technology to help our customer needs.


Our growth has been rapid due to a focus on customer service needs and requests.


We are setting new standards in private flight charters and experiences.

Aircraft Type

Noble Air Charter is a FAA Certified air carrier and a specialized provider of private air charter service. Here are some links to learn more about the specific aircraft type you may want to travel in.

airplane maintenance

Maintenance & Safety Driven

Noble Air Charter is setting a new path in airport operations. Since the takeover, our owner comes with an airline mechanic and maintenance background that is proving to be a great fit.

Located at the Miami-OPA Locka Executive airport, we are providing line maintenance (tire changes, troubleshooting, quick fix items) to all tenant and transient owners and operators of Cessna twin prop and Citation jets.

It’s this type of operational structure we believe in to provide customers with the best cared for aircraft operations in the industry.