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As a Noble NJC® Member you have access to our flights to and from New York to South Florida. This shared block time program gives you access to book a flight on our private citation jets. Enjoy convenience & flexibility of your personal NJC® Member dashboard to book flights to & from South Florida & New York.

Our NJC® Member are like board members. We encourage feedback to expand this program to other popular destinations.

The inaugural launch is for September 21st to January 9th. Which includes peak season travel.

Maximum of 4-5 passengers per flight, and typical flight time of 2 Hours and 45 minutes and includes GoGo inflight WiFi, a luxurious & comfortable interior, and a select menu for inflight catering. Depending on your flight profile, this program can greatly improve your ability to access your flight needs to & from South Florida & New York.

Common FAQs

Who does this program fit best?
This program fits best for frequent travelers to the NYC and South Florida area. Business executives, business owners, 2nd homeowners and the alike!

How do I confirm a flight as a NJC Member?
We open up our availability 7 days in advance and it will be published on your dashboard. You can book up to and cancel up to 24 hours in advance.

How many flights can a NJC Member fly on?
As of now, we are allocating two flights per week. For example, OPF to TEB is one flight and TEB back to OPF the same week is two flights per week.

Can I fly more than two times a week?
If there is availability, we can certainly discuss the option.

What if I never can take a NJC Member flight?
Please reach out to your NJC Ambassador to discuss private charter options.

How many NJC Memberships can I purchase?
As of right now, we are allowing two per family. Please reach out to your NJC Ambassador to discuss options.

Can I fly more than two times a week?
If there is availability, we can certainly discuss the option.

Can I bring children?
At this moment, anyone under the age of 16 cannot fly unaccompanied. Please reach out to your Noble Jet Club Ambassador for specific situations you would like to propose.

I have an infant; can I bring with me as a lap child?
Lap children, or any children under the age of 16 cannot fly unaccompanied. Please reach out to your Noble Jet Club Ambassador for specific situations you would like to propose.

How many NJC Members are there?
Our program goal is a pool of participants.

Can I assign my membership to another individual?
Absolutely! We have NJC Companion Elite Members who can utilize a flight within your program. Approval is required for each Companion. Please reach out to your NJC Ambassador for more details.

I am ready! How do I become a NJC Member?
We are so happy! Please reach out to our NJC Member Ambassador’s and we will send over a NJC Member Welcome Letter, and the block hour terms and conditions!

I have some recommendations and feedback; how can I share?
We love feedback! We want our members to feel as if they are Board Members for the NJC Program. We encourage feedback because this program will not be successful without our NJC members. We are looking forward to opening more private flying routes for our members!

How much is this NJC JetCard program?
In order to maintain confidentiality of the program, we ask you contact us… You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Does this program save me money on private flights?
Of course! Our strategy here is to provide the frequent private traveler to NYC

Is there a Merchant fee for using a credit card?
We provide our NJC members a discounted merchant fee rate for all credit card transactions.

Where do I see the frequency of the flights?
You choose what day to go, and your Noble Jet Club Dashboard will list availability.

What if there are no flights in the week I want to travel?
There are many flights to fit your travel needs during the 16-week program. We will sometimes have last minute cancellations and a NJC Ambassador will advise availability. We also will have flexibility dependent upon favorable meteorological conditions.

How much are flights typically from TEB to PBI/OPF in a Cessna Excel?
During the non-peak travel season, one-way flight costs roughly $19,000.00 each way! During peak season 99% of charter operators will charge round-trip for a one-way due to traffic demands which equates to $38,000.00 for a one-way. No peak season up charge for our NJC Members!

What fees do I pay per flight?
Very simple, Federal Excise Tax and Segment Tax. That’s it! No fuel surcharges, FBO fees, Airport Security Fees, or overnight fees! You only pay these taxes if you fly, period! Roughly around $300.00 per flight.

Is there a booked flight cancellation fee for NJC Members?
To be fair to all our members, If you have booked a trip and cancel with less than 24 hours written notice, there is a $2800.00 charge.

What happens if there is a delay or cancellation?
Unfortunate events do happen in aviation, and we are here 24/7 to assist with any operational delays or cancellations. We have dispatch and maintenance crews on standby at each airport and we will provide different options to our members to ensure they make their trip. Some delays and cancellations are beyond our control, for example weather or airspace related. We continually monitor situations and advise our clients of any updates as we receive them.

Do we have to go through the TSA?
Absolutely not! We are located at Atlantic Aviation’s private terminals. No TSA, no lines, no boarding passes. Just need a valid and current government issued ID to show your crew members upon arrival.

Is there Wi-Fi onboard?
Most of our aircraft provide free GoGo Wi-Fi for our NJC Members.

Is there a cabin host?
At the onset of the NJC Member program we did not have a cabin host. Stay tuned for more developments

Is there any food or catering available?
Light catering is included with the Noble Jet Club Membership! We will publish a menu to your dashboard for selection prior to your flight.

What can I bring on board the aircraft?
There is a list of prohibited items on your NJC member dashboard, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have. As of now we do not allow pets or personal alcohol on the aircraft.

What is the baggage weight limit?
A safe number to use is 30lbs for luggage. We can accommodate special requests 48 hours or more in advance. Reach out to your NJC Ambassador and we will get with the crew to see what special accommodations we can provide!

Cessna Citation Jet Fleet

Fly in our immaculately maintained and updated Cessna Citation fleet. These aircraft are immaculately maintained and offer you that amazing feeling of relaxation in a private jet aircraft.

The Excel & Bravo class is part of the Citation family. With the success of Cessna’s high-end Citation VII, the manufacturer saw a market for an aircraft with the Citation X ‘s features but aimed at a more traditional market, where it would primarily compete with twin- turboprop aircraft.

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