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Flights to West End Bahamas

At Noble Air, we charter aircraft to reach destinations globally. We operate with facilities in Miami and Boston but fly, pickup, and drop off anywhere. West End Airport (MYGW) is one destination we continue to serve. This airport is located on the very western tip of Grand Bahamas, and about a 30min drive from Freeport.

West End is the oldest town and westernmost settlement on the Bahamian island of Grand Bahama. It is the current capital of Grand Bahama, contrary to the popular belief that Freeport City is the capital of the island. It is also the third largest settlement in The Bahamas with a population of 13,522 as of 2012.

Located just 56 miles east from Palm Beach, the west end is a popular destination for boaters, sun seekers, and accessing the country of The Bahamas.

West End Airport – MYGW

The West End Airport (MYGW) is a private airport which services the area guests and residences. The West End Airport opens Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour and the idyllic destination of West End, Grand Bahama Island to private pilots and charter operators. Just 56 miles east from Palm Beach, Florida and with a 6,500 feet paved runway.

The airport is a daytime only, VFR only, operation. No instrument approaches are available, and no night landings or takeoffs are permitted. The airport is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm. The ICAO code is MYGW and the IATA code is WTD.

Only aircraft which have been pre-approved by West End Airport Management and Bahamas ATC may land. This requires that the registration/tail number of the aircraft be submitted. To obtain approval, please contact Ashley Smith, Airport Manager, at AshleyJamesSmith1940@gmail.com or call (242-727-1335). It’s probably best through WhatsApp.

Landing fees are $150 per plane. Please call ahead for special rates.

No fuel, GPU or aircraft tug services are available. Maximum aircraft landing weight limits of 20,000 lbs apply. Contact Ashley for further information.

Make sure you contact Ashley with arrival and departure as he will sometimes leave early if nothing is scheduled. He instructed us on leaving at 4pm on one of our flights, but had another lady stay to clear them through exit customs at 5pm. And other days he’s stayed to check us out of customs. It will be hit or miss so it’s best to clear thing sup with him and treat him right 😉 if he helps.

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Noble Air Charter provides routine flights to the island and West End Airport directly.

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Leaving From: One-Way Round Trip Same Day Round Trip Pickup on Different Day
Miami $2890 $3850 $4850
Ft Lauderdale $2890 $3850 $4850
Hollywood, FL $2890 $3850 $4850
Boca Raton $2750 $3825 $4825
Palm Beach $2750 $3800 $4800

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Flights to West End Bahamas

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The West End is a beautiful Bahamian destination that waits for you to soak up the island life experience.

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