Bimini island beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. Come and soak up the sun and lay down on the warm sand.

Beaches in Bimini

Stunning to see

Radio Beach, North Bimini
This is considered the most popular beach in Bimini Bahamas. It is the only beach on Bimini that has public facilities like toilets, vendors, and snack bars. Because of its close proximity to Alice Town, it is not completely secluded but it is never crowded either so you can be sure to find your own private spot on the beach. This Bahamas beach is connected to two other beaches, Blister Beach and Spook Hill Beach.

Blister Beach, North Bimini
Also called Bimini Bay Beach, this stretch of soft, white sand and clear, calm waters has always been a great spot for swimming and sunbathing. Snorkeling is also a popular pastime here. If you wish to do a spot of underwater exploring as well as sunning during your Bahamas vacation, this may be the beach for you.

Spook Hill Beach, North Bimini
Spook Hill Beach is located near Bimini Bahamas’ memorial park thus its name. There aren’t any watersport facilities available here. But you can still enjoy a bit of swimming, some sunbathing, and even a little snorkeling, all of which are excellent at this Bahamas beach. The tropical ambiance created by the white sand, clear water, and the trees lining the coast give you a vision of what paradise is like.

Tiki Hut Beach, South Bimini
This popular beach is 2 miles wide and another tropical paradise you should visit on your Bahamas vacation. The beach has a lovely collection of plant life surrounding it including thatch palms and flowers. Just like the other beaches of Bimini Bahamas, it’s slightly secluded, never crowded, and perfect for spending a relaxing day.

Porgy Bay Beach, North Bimini
Located in Bailey town, this quaint little beach is secluded and has a very intimate atmosphere. It’s perfect for spending some quiet time alone or going on a romantic stroll.

Other Bimini Bahamas beaches that you can delightfully explore are located on the Bimini Cays where you’re likely to find the true seclusion you seek. These Cays are Turtle Rocks, Piquet Rocks, Holm Cay, North Cat Cay, South Cat Cay, and Ocean Cay.

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